Shrink Wrapping process

How to do Shrink Wrap?

Product Shrink Wrapping for the retails is a superb choice for the business owners to give professional packaging look at ver low prices. We can use it for the packaging of thousand of wholesale and retail products like bottles, wire, etc. But Some business owners hesitate to use the benefits of this packaging because they don’t know what actually is shrink wrapping, and what is the process.

Today, In this post we are going to share how you can do shrink-wrapping? Well before the start, we would like to introduce our company. We are a packaging company in UAE and our name is Al-Shafaf packaging company. In the meeting with clients who are looking for shrink wrap packaging service for their product packaging. The one common questions that we are asked by the clients. What is the exact meaning of the shrink wrap and its process? That’s why we decided to write one detailed article to spread the correct information about it.

What’s shrink wrap?

Shrinkwrap is also known as shrink film. It is made of polymer plastic film. When we apply heat to the film then it tightly shrinks over the product it is covering. To apply heat to the shrink film we use the heat gun or there are different shrink wrapping machines available that we use as per the product size, material, and weight.

To know more read out the advantages of shrink wrapping.

How to do Shrink Wrapping?

Let’s start with basics that will help you to understand when and how shrink is effective.

Basic shrink wrap guide:-

Step – 1 – Take your product and put it into the shirk wrap plastic material that you have selected. Popular shrink materials are tubing, centerfolds, and bags.

Step – 2 – Now seal the open area of shrink material with heat. Commonly, we use impulse sealers, I bar sealers, or L bar sealers to complete it.

Step 3- To shrink the material on the product use the heater gun or tunnel heater.

The above mention steps are the basics of shrink wrapping. We hope that you would understand it without any confusion. If still, you have any confusion or question in a mind contact our expert.

Let’s take a look at shrink wrap Material.

There are four types of shrink-wrapping plastic films.

  1. Polypropylene
  2. PVC
  3. Polyethylene
  4. Polyolefin

Polypropylene plastic film is not a common choice for product packaging. And other three materials are used commonly in huge quantities. Each film has its own advantages and disadvantages that you can know from our experts.
Once you decided for shrink wrap product packaging. Now, you have to also select the material. There are four common material options are available easily in the market tubing, bags, centerfold rolls, and single wound (flat) rolls.

Meet With Shrink Wrapping Packaging Expert.

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