Shrink Wrapping & Sleeve Wrapping


The shrink wrapping provides much needed tamper evidence to the finished packaging of high volume products.
Shrink wrapping is done with a special plastic film by name POLYOLEFIN in different thickness from 15 micron to 30 micron.

If you want to ensure that your products look as fresh on display in store as they did in factory then shrink wrapping could be the ideal contract packaging solution.

Shrink wrapping guards the products during transit , moisture ingresss , dust and minor impact scratches.

Shrink wrapping helps in selling more items at a stretch compared to selling single items in a super market. For example Let us say you are selling 1000 single pieces of cheese jar 500gms in a day. Instead of selling single cheese jar 500gms we make a promo pack by shrink wrapping 2pcs of cheese jar 500gms with a good selling price…the sales will really jump as people prefer to buy a multipack compared to single piece.

Shrink wrapping services is suitable for Cosmetics, Tinned items, Pet food, House hold items, Mobile phones, Mobile phone accessories, Laptop plus bag, the list goes on.

Now comes the second type of packing that is Sleeve wrapping.

Here in case of sleeve wrapping the plastic used is LDPE (LOW DENSITY POLY ETHYLENE).The benefits of using LDPE over other forms of shrink packaging would be added strength and durability for heavier, larger items, like multipacks of beverages.

Sleeve wrapping service is suitable for beverage multipacks , mineral water multipacks etc.

Benefits of Shrink Wrapping & Sleeve Wrapping
The product is placed inside a bag made of centre-folded PO film that has been sealed with an l-shaped sealer machine. The bag is then shrunk in a heat tunnel. Products can be manufactured in a wide range of sizes and forms, even in succession.

Shrink wrap equipment can assist a warehouse or distribution centre in freeing up more valuable storage space for other e-commerce business requirements. Compared to conventional packing equipment, shrink wrap is more compact and lightweight, and these machines take up less room on the floor. These two benefits provide expanding businesses with additional space for storing equipment and other essentials.

Shrink wrapping is a highly effective form of environmental protection. Your goods will be protected from the elements. Shrink wrap uses up to 75% less material than conventional comagated goods and packaging methods. Saving money is simple if less material is used. Warehouses and distribution facilities will be able to maximise their budgets with added benefits of more storage space. Shrink wrap also makes it simple to dispose of finished goods.