An extremely versatile secondary packaging solution, overwrapping can greatly enhance visual appeal, shelf life and bundling options in the food and cosmetic industry.

Overwrapping , the application of a second layer of packaging over a product, allows for optimal freshness and hygiene while offering a wide range of other benefits.

Most of the overwrapped items are Perfumery products , C D cases , Cigarete boxes , Tea powder boxes etc…

Benefits of Overwrapping

In the food industry, overwrapping can greatly enhance product appearance, shelf life, and package possibilities. It is a supplementary packaging solution that is very adaptable. Overwrapping guarantees a product's greatest levels of freshness and hygiene in addition to several other benefits. It can also be used to combine two or more small packets into a multi-pack.

Overwrapping can greatly improve conventional forms of packaging and, in some cases, even completely replace them, in addition to its ability as a combiner, which makes it ideal for usage like large containers of bottled beverages. Due to the use of flexible materials and customized sealing, overwrapping offers the following benefits to the food industry:

Aroma Control – By covering a space almost hermetically, overwrapping can stop odor leakage and cross-contamination.

Tamper Protection - Preventing contamination and making it easier for workers and consumers to identify potentially hazardous objects would be achieved by using a seal that is nearly impossible to replicate once broken.

Extended Shelf Life - By protecting products from environmental hazards and airborne microbes, overwrapping extends shelf life and saves firms money.

Lower Costs - By eliminating the need for more complicated designs or bulkier packaging materials, overwrapping results in lower costs and simpler labour processes.