advantages of shrink wrapping

What are the major Advantaged of Shrink Wrapping?

As we know shrink wrap is not a complicated process, jus we need two things to do shrink wrapping over the products or items. The first is right plastic as per our product nature and the second is heat. Shrinkwrapping is done with the plastic material that you can do over any product, the size of the product does not matter in shrink wrapping packaging.

When we apply heat to the plastic, it shrinks and takes the shape of the product, and seals itself. It makes the product waterproof, tamperproof, and weatherproof. Well, we can recycle the shrink wrap. Once we
finished we can make plastic by using it.

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8 Major advantages of Shrinkwrapping.

  1. Durable – The material of the shrink wrapping is made with durable, strong, and good-quality plastic. Making holes in it is very difficult and hard in comparison to other materials. Shrinkwrapping is secure and safe in the product in different climate conditions because it does not become weak and leaks the gas.
  2. Cost-Effective – The shrink wrapping packaging is cost-effective because it needs only two things heat and shrinks plastic. Only the price depends on the type of plastic you select for shrink wrapping.
  3. A layer of protection – The shrink-wrap plastic tightly seals the product and becomes one extra layer of protection. To keep the product secure from damage, dirtying, moisture, dust, and water. You can also protect the product from direct sunlight rays by using the UV shrink wrapping plastic material.
  4. Branding – shrink wrapping work as a tool that increases brand awareness and enhances the visibility of the product among the potential consumers of the product.Because you can print the design, color, company logo, and product details on the shrink-wrap plastic that will work as a promotional tool. From the packaging floor to the end users it works as a self-marketing and spread brand awareness.
  5. Keep the perishable food fresh for a long time period – Keeping the food fresh and eatable for a long period of time was a challenge for the food industry. When shrink wrap technology come into the market. It made it easy. Now Shrinkwrap food packaging is a regular choice to pack and seal the food.
  6. Convenience – We can do shrink wrap of any size and nature of the product. The size or nature of the product is not limited to shrink wrap packaging. We can use it for the packaging of electric wire, water bottles, plastic items, food products, and more. It safe the product from moisture.
  7. Increase the Space – It saves the cost of product transportation and storage. Because shrink-wrapped products maximize the space so that products can keep close together without using any additional box and space.
  8. Instantly notice Tampering – As we know that when we apply shrink-wrap on the product it seals the product from all sides and comes in product shape. That’s why tampering with products is easily noticeable. Because of this reason, many food manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies shrink wrap their products. Bank and government agencies also use other types of shrink wrapping. Because when the plastic is stretched it changes its color which indicates the seal has been tampered.

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