Hand Assembly

Hand assembly of packaged products is a contract packing option when products have no automatic machine options. When all required parts are supplied the in house team will segregate the items as per the package requirement and the final package is assembled by the team and the final package is ready for display.

For packaging that has multiple components, our in house team will place each item in assorted trays,
bags or cartons ready for distribution or point of sale.

Delicate and fragile items are best suited for hand assembly service.

Gift wrapping and display items can also be a part of hand assembly service.

Benefits of Hand Assembly

Gift boxes are the best example of customized containers or packages that should be hand-packed because they are made specifically for each customer and cannot be mass produced by a machine. This also applies to items that need to be grouped or sorted based on size or color or that are oddly formed.

The hand assembly service is the best for giving your packaging special finishing touches like labeling finished goods.

The hand-packing method is also appropriate for fragile and delicate objects because our team of skilled packers treats them with more care than automated machines do.

Other goods that are suitable for hand-packing are: dishes and cups promotional packages with a variety of sample goods set gifts.