What does a packaging company do

What Does a Packaging Company Do?

While searching for a packaging company in UAE, you will see many different types of packaging companies. And I think it’s important to know, how these packaging companies differ so you can understand the benefits each type has to offer.

There are two most common types of packaging companies: manufacturers (they make and sell the packaging) and brokers (they only resell the packaging). These two types can serve as categories that contain all other types of packaging companies.

Packaging Manufacturer

This type of manufacturer has machinery to produce, basically, one type of packaging. They will either make custom packaging will use in house salesperson or outside brokers to resell their packaging. When you call a packaging manufacturer looking for custom packaging, you will talk with an in-house salesperson who works for salary and some type of commission incentive. These in-house salespeople are well informed and experienced with their company’s type of packaging. If you need other features to your packaging or just some informed advice, you may have difficulty getting what you need. Of course, it depends on the experience of the salesperson you are working with; they may be well informed and incredibly experienced.

Prototype Company

Prototype packaging companies can only produce really small sized of packaging that are mainly to be used as samples for presentation purposes. These are made by hand, assisted by light machinery for “comping” an original looking packaging complete with custom printing. Prototype companies will structurally design your packaging and give some graphic production services. So when you need a packaging prototype to present to be a buyer, these types of companies can be very useful.

Obviously a packaging manufacturer or packaging broker can give prototypes as well, but these generally come with some type of commitment on your part.

Packaging Broker

Individual or company buys custom packing from a packaging manufacturer and then resell it to the customers. The broker deal in the money, paperwork, and also project management.

Those who have good knowledge, understanding, connection with people and know the value of product packing can become packaging brokers. They typically provide any type of packaging service to the manufacturer (supplier) as long as they have a good and trustable for that type of packaging. When brokers do work for the manufacturer exclusively, another manufacturer can’t work with that brokers. And also packaging brokers come under various levels of competency, some brokers are incredible and some are not.

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You may think that using a packaging broker the price of packaging will necessarily be higher because of the broker’s price (commission). It’s not necessarily true. Sometimes manufacturers provide special discounts to the brokers that become extra income for the broker. And, there is a time when it actually is more expensive to use a broker, but believing in a broker may take care of all the details for you, it can be enhanced the cost of the product packaging.

Packaging Distributors

A lot of our packaging is custom made, but a lot of it is stock packaging. Stock packaging is pre-made packaging in fewer sizes and styles, as opposed to being custom-made.

When you are looking for stock packaging, there are chances that you will be contacting a packaging distributor. This type of packaging company store a large number of different kinds of stock packaging that they resell to customers.

Because they have large amounts of inventory in warehouses, distributors are good for being able to give your stock packaging products at a moment’s notice. Distributors may also offer useful logistic programs for their customers that help make sure an uninterrupted supply chain of packaging.

Packaging Design And Marketing Firms

Packaging or marketing firms provide a lot of creative services, which are often reserved for larger companies with a large amount.

Packaging and marketing firms create the structural and aesthetic design of product packing, offering branding and graphic design services. Many brokers may do structural designing if they do not have an in-house structural designing team.

These types of companies mainly focus on the designing aspects and not on the actual production unless they know the best manufacturers in which case they can break the entire finished product packaging concept job when their client wishes.

Co-packer Company/ Packaging Fulfillment

Fulfillment is about the packaging of the product to make them ready for sale. It starts when the packaging and product are together, including putting the product into tubes, jars, boxes, etc. It means assembling and filling retail displays with products to make them ready for shipping around the country. Fulfillment is basically done with hand labor and assistance from light machinery.

We hope that you know what does packaging companies do. if still, you have any questions or queries feel free to contact Al-Shafaf Packaging Company.

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